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Digital Plaza is one of 5 authorized GSA prime contractors for Drones/UAV for Federal Government Agencies. Peace, safety, security, and innovation brings together drones, services, command and control, and add-ons to make up drone systems for government applications in all segments. This includes infrastructure, agriculture, and public safety.


Commercial Drones

Consumer Drones

Drone Cameras

Command & Control

Data Management Solutions

Drone Cases

Once every generation, a technology emerges that changes the rules of the game for everyone, everywhere.  Now, Drones change everything again.
Depending on the specific industry, user applications, and custom requirements, Digital Plaza provides a package of solutions including commercial and consumer drones, cameras, command & control, data management solutions and drone cases.

Four Steps of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations

Training & Licensing

Drone Procurement

Command & Control

Data Management

Understanding the complete system of UAV is key to developing solutions that solve problems. The 4 steps include:

  • Attaining the proper government licenses and training to operate
  • Drone/UAV that provides the aerial camera and/or sensor along with required accessories and maintenance program
  • Command & control system that allows operators to plan, execute, retrieve & store/catalog data
  • Data management which provides end users the analytical tools to interpret the collected data in order to develop a solution and plan needed for their agency.


Infrastructure Inspection

Disaster Management

Patrol & Surveillance (Land & Agriculture)

Security Control

Digital Plaza is in the unique position to offer its clients a full-service combination of the Drone/UAV units along with the services an agency may need. These services would include:

  • Command and control capabilities include personal, portable, or fixed systems
  • Data management, live data tagging with storage and retrieval and live data sharing solutions
  • Pro A/V hardware needed for deployment of a program
  • “Best in class professional services” for training and expert regulatory and best practices consultation
  • Strategic partnerships with a level of expertise that provide clients the total solution.

Our broader range of applications include:

  • Construction and infrastructure inspection
  • Search and rescue
  • Mapping and surveying
  • Public safety

Videos: Drones to Help Fight Building Fire


Digital Plaza is authorized for the world-leading UAV/Drone manufactures to provide the comprehensive package of solutions to our customers.

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