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Digital Plaza is one of the few authorized Federal Government Prime Contractors (GSA) for 3D printing. 3D Printing is a new and transformative technology that has unlimited potential applications for our public sector clients. It is a new and rising star industry that can transform the impossible to possible.


3D Printers and Scanners

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Mater and Form


3D Print Clean

Industrial 3D Printers


Digital Plaza is spearheading to provide this emerging technology for our government clients to help growing trends toward short form and prototype modeling that could save time and money.  These products include:

  • 3D printers that range from desktop to professional grade units (based on material, colors & build size)
  • Parts & design services that offer clients the benefit of the technology without investing in the machines and training
  • Accessories that include filament, enclosures, scanners, and design software that meet the exact requirements for our clients
  • FabLabs (mobile and stationary) that provide customers their own production center to create the products they need when and how they want them.


Digital Plaza has provided a number of customized solutions for our clients including:

  • 3D design to assist with design and part requirements.
  • A large commercial color printer with installation, set-up and training for the National Park Service
  • A quantity of desk top units for schools that are used by students for their STEM/STEAM labs
  • And, coming soon a desk top Metal printer that will open up a multitude of opportunities for fabricating on-demand parts and eliminating large amounts waste in unneeded inventory and obsolete parts.

Videos: How do 3D Printings work?


Digital Plaza is an authorized reseller of world-leading 3D printing manufacturers and suppliers.

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