Yuki Aemisegger

Yuki Aemisegger is CEO and a principal of the company. Yuki has 20 years of government experience and has accomplished branding to establish the company’s core value of trust, accountability and quality of services. Yuki has enhanced business with government to higher level, using her leadership skills and government background, as well as her expertise in strategic planning and management.

Yuki has a Master’s Degree from Harvard University, specializing in public policy and management. Yuki is a former diplomat for the United Nations, managing several UN country offices and also served as the Planning Advisor at UN Geneva.


Scott Aemisegger

Scott Aemisegger is COO and a principal of the company.  Scott is the founder of the company and has developed the current successful business model since 2006. Scott has 25 years’ experience in small business serving government channels and developed the foundation of the company’s business with the government sector.

Scott holds a Master’s Degree in Government Administration from University of Pennsylvania (Fels School). Scott has background of leadership vision, sales, and marketing.


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