3D Printing


Digital Plaza is one of the few authorized Federal Government Prime Contractors (GSA) for 3D printing. 3D Printing is a new and transformative technology that has unlimited potential applications for our public sector clients. It is a new and rising star industry that can transform the impossible to possible.


Digital Plaza provides (1) 3D printers, (2) 3D scanners, (3) 3D designing and (4) accessories.

                                      3D Printers
3D Systems Stratasys LeapfrogBV Zortrax

                                      3D Scanners

3D Systems Stratasys FlashForge Mater and Form


Digital Plaza works closely with 3D design companies to help clients with their design and part requirements.


Digital Plaza is an authorized reseller of world-leading 3D printing manufacturers and suppliers.

All photos in this page are provided by the manufacturers and suppliers.

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